Thinking, Thinking, and More Thinking

Dissociation is curtailed after practicing being in observer or witness mode. Witness, or observer mode, stops the brain from judging things and people. How does that help? When you resist judgment things and situations flow out of consciousness and exist on their own. When something is identified with, it follows you.  Stop comparing even small things like food. When I eat a muffin for breakfast, my brain instantly wants to compare it to against every muffin ever eaten. Maybe I could just eat a muffin and enjoy it without identifying it with a different muffin? A muffin that is not here, now. Observe the inner working of your mind. Do you think, think, think about how things are similar or different? Healing is simple but the effort is large and difficult to focus on.  The nervous system needs a break from all the worry and comparing and judging.

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  1. Our left brain is a computer of sorts. It stores information in categories that fit certain criteria set up by our brains. To accomplish this phenomenal feat, it ranks every experience against it’s data base. From the simplest of minor things to complex theories. The only time we do not behave like this is around 2 years old with the left brain not yet developed.

    A child has wonderment when he/she sees a kitten or rabbit for the first time. There is nothing to compare it to. the other time in life is when we sit using mindfulness to reach a state of emptiness without thought, free to experience the wonderment of say an exquisite rose. Happiness resides in small things all arounds us.

    We are to busy contemplating our unworthiness or vulnerabilities up against others we envy. Maybe our worry has kept us from taking chances or opportunities in the past.

    That can change now with practice and application. We can all improve and find happiness within us.

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