What is Integration?

I would describe integration as remembering and feeling.

When the brain gets stressed beyond regular coping methods, it buries information and stores it until it’s ready (or safe) to process it.  When a sense of safety is found, integration then happens. The stressful event is remembered and processed. Integration requires safety, patience, strength, and time.

Integration is the polar opposite of dissociation. Dissociation can be one of them most troubling symptom of PTSD or C-PTSD.  Dissociation links directly to the past. It happens when the brain gets stressed beyond it’s ability to process.

Integration organizes all the different aspects of a person.  Personality and self unify into one.

Integration happens when the sludge of trauma disappears giving way to establishing a more rounded personality.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I think integration, healing or soothing the nerve endings happens when we are empty but aware. This is witness or observer mode directing attention to the breath thus going beneath or under the conscious left brain.

    When we can let our organism rest from all the trauma emotions and thoughts, we improve. This happens when we practice sitting using mindfulness during the day.

    Being healed does not alter the exterior world, it changes only our reaction and relationship with it. We can not aways be present and in observer mode however we have our breath to bring us back quickly when we get distracted.

    healing is practicing so we are more present and we can direct our attention quicker and quicker to our breath.

    These small wins build over time. Confidence deepens and our nervous systems have more resilience.

  2. I’m neither a moradetor, nor speaking for the VA. I’m not sure if this answers your concern, but there is a big difference between disability payment and service connection (VA benefits), and actual mental health treatment. They are not connected, and are completely different entities within the VA system. It’s a common misconception among veterans and general public that they are the same thing. The VBA is not going to follow up with you on your mental health, or any other medical care, for that matter. If you want treatment you can go the closest VA medical center and set up an appointment with mental health. If you are awarded service connection and disability compensation by VBA, mental health care, travel pay, etc , may be covered by the VA. But you have to actually seek services. And you qualify for services just by being a veteran. You do not have to wait for service connection. Hope this helps.

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