Army Ranger commits suicide before 8th Deployment

This is his wife and her story.  Would you diagnose a soldier with seven, eight or nine deployments as complex PTSD because of the duration of time?

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  1. maybe you saw LOOKING FOR CORPERAL RYAN ! SO MANY BELIEVE THAT WHAT THEY SAW IN THAT MOVIE MUST DESCRIBE HOW PTSD OCCURS!!! Well any soldier with boots on the grnuod in Viet Nam anyway will tell you there are a multitude of differant incidents ! That progressivly accumulate into the incedent bank while in a combat zone and in Viet Nam that was the whole country; the whole damn war; all the time 24/7! And everyone did their job and everyone was always in DANGER!!! But for the VA PTSD APP you should descibe your incident right here with evidence like witnesses; unit information(whatever that is)sharapnel pieces etc, etc.:________And it should include your charge up Omaha Beach!!!!! Your psycologist probably has never been in any service including the Girl Scouts; onley experienced a country at war on MASH!! and of course will be female and probably has never even left the USA for even a vacation. She probably was first born when you got out or was found dead behind her desk with pencil in hand!!!!! The Veterans should first rate the psycholigists for their experience for relativeness; how applied and salary rating!! THINK? If you can!!! i AM A ONE YEAR VIET NAM VET 1965-1966 I DON’T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING TO ANYBODY!!!!

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