PTSD and a Sense of a Foreshortened Future

From Suite 101 – PTSD and a Sense of a Foreshortened Future:

Older adults may assume that they will not outlive their spouse. They may sense that they will not live long enough to retire or see grandchildren.

Some people with PTSD do not understand why they think they will have a shortened lifespan. Others feel that it is a miracle that they have lived as long as they have, considering the traumatic experiences they have survived. The  traumatic experiences many people with PTSD have suffered have led them to expect more of the same, or worse, which may include an untimely  death.

Survivor guilt may lead some PTSD sufferers to believe they are destined for an early death. If they survived accidents that had taken the lives of others, they may feel inappropriately guilty about surviving. They may tell themselves  that it was unfair that they survived when others died. Such feelings are even  stronger if they tell themselves that there must have been something that they could have done to prevent the accident or save some of the victims. Feeling  that they should have been among those who died, they may believe they will  eventually get what they think they deserve.

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