Symptoms of PTSD

Towers of Babel by Steven Kenny

Remember we did a series on the special Dissociative symptoms for Complex PTSD because of the disruption in early development.  This is a series on the symptoms of PTSD.  This book has what I think are more complete descriptions of our symptoms.

From Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation: Skills Training for Patients and Therapists by Suzette Boon , Kathy Steele , and Onno van der Hart:

Basic Symptoms of PTSD include three groupings:

Intrusions of traumatic experiences ( for instance, flashbacks, nightmares)

Avoidance, numbing, and detachment

Hyperarousal  ( startle reflex, anxiety, fear, agitation)

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  1. Amzing what this painting shows in historical years in such a small space. This painting grows with significance the more deeply you peruse the buildings.

    I think of how all these years are tied together.

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