C-PTSD: Part of Healing is Feeling Bad

Eihejji Temple

Yes, part of healing is not only feeling bad but being able to have all our emotions, ready and free to use. Feeling bad, may change the way it feels to us, if we do not identify with it. In fact, we can be at ease and happy when the emotion of feeling bad arrives.

Feeling bad is part of healing, a normal emotion. We do not have to destroy or eliminate it;  just realize it is only an emotion. Try letting the emotion exist by itself just for a second.

Follow our breath with stillness, observing the emotion at an arm’s length. It would be like watching yourself on Television. The emotion can be there without us. The emotion is a body function, not anything to do with the  true self or us. The ability to be totally aware of feeling bad without identifying with it, changes everything.

Practice with easy emotions and thoughts at first, and then tackle more difficult ones, later.

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