The Unknown Terrifies Us?

Complex PTSD makes the unknown cloudier, scarier and morbid.   Try and find volunteers in an auditorium full of people with complex PTSD.  Tell them it is for a secret public competition with stringent rules and close contact with strangers.  Yes, no one would be dragged near a terror inducing thought like that. 

Danger was worse than death for me.  The unknown happening in the near future scared me worse than death.  Now I know that warm and tingling jolt was cortisol in massive doses.  This is all delusion; however your body will never listen to logic over cortisol. 

The unknown can be awesome and exhilarating.  We all are capable of trying and improving.  That work ethic will gain more happiness for you than any time spent thinking.  Think less about trauma thoughts, every day.    One less is a start.  We all can do that with effort.  Good Luck.

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