The Wave Part II

The Wave by Eduardo Flores Bayo

This wave resists all attempts to stop, manipulate or control it.  It’s too big. Ignoring it won’t work either. Disassociating into thoughts and ignoring the power this wave contains is futile.

Accept that this is the wave.  Now you have the ability to direct your attention to emptying out the wave of garbage because you can see the garbage. The obstacles get cleared and the wave passes by.

Once the garbage is cleared, you will be able to swim underwater and let the wave pass.  It’s power fades quickly.  When we are here, now, the ocean is actually a playground.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Whatever we resist grows with our resistance. The very act of resisting a trigger defines what we call disassociation. As mentioned many times, when you grab the rope (thoughts) in a tug of war you lose. Even if you grab it with one hand the body is connected.

    The big choice for us today, do we finally accept our thoughts, leading to healing or do we continue on the path we are on now?

    Thinking will not heal you or you will definitely not think your way out of PTSD. How can I be sure because our trauma does not react to conscious words or thoughts from us? Logic, reason or emotion does not alter the PTSD in any healing way noticeable.

  2. Your brain/mind does these things constantly; most do not take time to actually see while they meditate. Sometimes intrusive thoughts flow like a running nose caused by the flu. It is ok and our attitude is one of calm easiness as we bring ourselves back to our breath and focus.

    This is part of the healing process and fools many to stop or be confused. This is when an athlete draws deep inside himself/herself for that extra direction and persistence. Your willpower and desire are greater and more powerful than the impermanence of thought or trauma.

    Remember to leave goals alone and only focus on the skill of directing attention. Healing will take care of itself. Accept that your ego is disruptive and moving and losing power so its reaction is to flood you with thought. You are budging it in fact your are killing it and its power.

    It is in the throes of defeat of annihilation from being centered and aware. The goal posts or where we have integrated a certain quantity of thoughts are unknown. You may be a week away from integration and a big improvement but trauma uses our cortisol so its strength feels like cortisol.
    Our job is to keep up the pressure and daily practice and that squashes and smothers trauma.

  3. I love when you talk about the ‘ego’ here. It is very disruptive, keep you distracted and ruins things! Thanks so much for posting!

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