The Darkness Ends

Elevator Door

There is nothing more genuine than

breaking away from the chorus to

learn the sound of your own voice.

–Po Bronson

You will heal from the inside.

One response to this post.

  1. Healing for us is complete inside us already. Our inner guide and who we really are is the same every day. The rest of the world and everyone’s body is impermanent. Everything else changes every minute.
    Being able to sit and find calm without thought, separating from the chorus of life heals us. Spend time sitting using mindfulness without goals or thoughts daily and deepens your skill to heal.
    Be aware every minute if you follow thoughts. Catch them and come back to present. This week you will improve each day. Why not start slow and be aware and practice being here and being aware. This tool can improve your life beyond what you can imagine. Try it, please, it is safe and all questions will be answered or attempted by me.

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