The Body Lingers

Untitled by Alex Garcia

When my brain was symptom free I found my body lagged behind.  It takes a while longer for the body to sense that the mind has discovered the powerlessness of our thoughts.

The cortisol and adrenaline rushes have slowed the body’s involvement in healing.   Not to worry  – the body will shed the trauma.

Sometimes while you are healing, it feels confusing and highly-emotionally charged.  Sometimes healing feels like a trigger as trauma integrates.

Just because things are in a little turmoil does not mean it is bad.  Healing is not calm as trauma integrates and our computer brain throws a fit.  Change causes friction.

Trust in the process.

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  1. I would reccommend this book as a factual, current reference for anatomy and health issues. It is readable and understandable for the non-professional reader. In fairness, I advized the authors and publishers on the medical content for this volume, and would certainly be a biased reviewer.

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