PTSD Explained

PTSD is abuse or trauma stored in the amygdala, which is in the subconcsious part of the brain. That does not mean that you don’t remember the abuse, it just means the part where you process that memory has been overwhelmed. Overwhelmed to the point of being wounded.

Thoughts and images of this past abuse propel us into disassociation and heightened fear or flight tendencies.  Our nervous system goes berserk.  We sense and feel a threat that scares the living shit out of us.  We link the thoughts and eruption of our nerves to be connected.  We first find ways to escape to safety.    We perceive that we could die and/or be harmed seriously.

This shock and fear packs a considerable punch. It is serious enough for us to hide in our houses for months.  In actuality, the adrenal glands have dumped cortisol into our system.  This powerful drug has no link to our trauma.  It stimulates a body mechanism but the fear and terror all belong to the cortisol.

It is not a monster and if you can accept this concept – healing becomes easier.  Recognize that strong scary feeling is your cortisol.  You can get this drug to pour into the system without using trauma thoughts.  If you can stay present when this cortisol enters the system, healing will happen faster.

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  1. We can heal and we must believe that or healing becomes much harder. A trust in that you can heal and a daily practice will help you improve. It takes work, a learned skill and becoming aware/

  2. […] states today. We’ll shred them. Shredding is fun! Our mindfulness practice eats cortisol, so please bring your cortisol also. All this and more happens when you come to the present […]

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