Awareness, Acceptance, Surrender, Integration

Awareness:  We have to become aware before anything healing can happen.  Denial leads to disassociation and confusion.  Awareness of the true reality of our PTSD and the symptoms it brings with it are needed or healing is delayed indefinitely.

Acceptance: When we are aware of our PTSD and intrusive thoughts, acceptance becomes the next step on the ladder to freedom.  Preventing the disassociation into emotionally charged thoughts transpires when we accept them as existing without engaging them.

Surrender: This is the ultimate acceptance.  We surrender even any resistance, as tensing up or pulling away or trying to ignore in denial.  We open our hearts and expose ourselves totally and observe the thoughts as they are.  This step advances our healing and opportunities with the rest of our life.

Integration: Trauma is integrated or brought to present moment and then reality crushes it and it fades.  The nervous system is resilient again and a free calm has set into your life.  Opportunities are everywhere and life is exciting.  The rest you can fill out with the freedom you have realized and now live.  Congratulations.

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